VINYASA FLOW A Vinyasa/Hatha blend with an Ashtanga influence that demonstrates respect for each unique individual, their experience level, ability and personal practice goals.  In addition to being a yoga teacher since 2002, I have been an athlete my entire life (currently a runner) and focus on designing classes for anyone, but that perfectly compliments running, cycling, swimming, hiking, and so forth. As an instructor I see myself as a guide and a facilitator, but recognize that it is your body, your practice and therefore your choice, in each pose and in every class, how you approach meeting your needs and being in your own body.   This class is designed to build flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, strengthen our core, connect with our breath and develop the ability to regulate our nervous system/stress response in our bodies, and release tension through poses and utilizing a tennis ball to break up fascia in our feet, glutes and hips.  I believe yoga is a transformational and life enhancing practice that impacts us on all levels of our physical body, mind and spirit.  Our yoga mat is an opportune place to come back to our true selves, to practice mindfulness and return to our natural state of calm, contentment and wellbeing (even if something is difficult or hard to bear).  We also begin to re-learn how to be present in our bodies and for all the experiences of life.  Additionally, we seek to know ourselves more deeply and trust that we can make the most skillful decisions for our bodies and our lives, both on and off the mat.  The ultimate goal is both a physically healthy, strong and flexible body, AND to reach our full potential as human beings and experience greater wellbeing & aliveness in our moment to moment existence.

Short videoclip of Kyle Leia Heyesen on Workout Wednesday WDIO

Trauma-informed Yoga Interview with Kyle Heyesen & Firefly Yoga International